How to Complete the VA Form 26-1880?

VA Form 26-1880 – Army veterans in the United States who want to take out the mortgage may gain the benefit of being supported by the Department of Veterans Affairs, as long as they are qualified to join the program of home loans. This is qualified for this program, one has to meet several requirements including paperwork such as VA Form 26-1880. Learn more about what this form is, how to complete it, and how to file this form below.

VA Form 26-1880 Printable PDF

What is VA Form 26-1880?

With the official title of ‘Request for a Certificate of Eligibility’, VA Form 26-1880 is a report used to claim the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) backed home loan program. The information provided within this form will be examined by the VA, and then used to decide if the filer is eligible for the program.

Someone who meets the criteria and provided the required paperwork will be given a Certificate of Eligibility (COE). This certification can be used as proof that you, as the lender, are eligible to secure a VA mortgage.

How to Complete the VA Form 26-1880?

Here is the step-by-step guide to complete the VA Form 26-1880:

  • Item 1: Input your name.
  • Item 2a and item 3: Self-explanatory.
  • Item 4: Input the name you use during service time if it’s different from the name on Item 1. The name on item 4 must be identical to the name cited on the DD214 form.
  • Item 5 to item 7: Input all the contact details required.
  • Item 8: Report the information about your retirement, separation, or discouragement related to disability (if applicable) and input the number of your VA claim (if available), which can be found on the letter sent by the VA and typically same as SSN number.
  • Item 9: Report information related to your military service, such as service branch, enlistment date, separation date (if applicable), and your service number.
    Note: This item is typically used to decide your eligibility, along with a record owned by the VA. That being said, you might be requested to give further proof.
  • Item 10: Report information about your prior loans of VA (if any) as required.
    Note: Your previous eligibility might be restored after having a loan of VA paid off or after no longer being the homeowner. Homeowners may still apply for the loan. Check item 10A and jump into item 14 if you’ve never obtained a loan from VA.
  • Item 11: Provide information as requested on this item if you have previously taken a loan of VA and have paid it off, but want to take another loan to purchase a house as the main residence.
    Note: This case can be applied for one-time only.
  • Item 12: Provide information as requested on this item if you want to refinance your loan.
  • Item 13: Provide information as requested on this item if you wish to decrease the interest rate or move to a fixed-rate loan from an adjustable-rate loan.
  • Item 14: Inscribe your signature and date the document.

How to Submit the VA Form 26-1880?

The VA Form 26-1880 may be submitted via mail or via electronic. For those of you who prefer to file it by mail, you may send the completed document and all the relevant supporting documents to the regional loan center of VA, which address will differ according to which state that you live in.

Meanwhile, if you choose to submit the document electronically, you may open the official portal site of e-Benefits. You may ask the lender to assist you with this process. This method offers the advantage of a faster process that can result in faster decisions received from the VA.

Providing intentional misinformation or fraudulent of this document may result in severe penalties. The VA may return your VA Form 26-1880 with a specific reason for returning at the underneath part of the document.

VA Form 26-1880 Printable PDF

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