ATRRS Army Login


This article will guide you to get ready for registering for an army course. To do so, you need to work with an online service named ATRRS Army. Keep in mind that you need a registered government computer to access the websites. Here are the requirements and how to do ATRRS army login. Check your USAA Pay Schedule

ATRRS Army Login

How to Register ATRRS?

In order to enroll in Catalog Courses that are available, you must register to the ATRRS website. It will approximately take 1 to 3 weeks to complete the registration, and the process is simple. Follow these steps to get the required user information to sign in and access the ATRRS Catalog website:

  1. You must own at least a NAC (National Agency Check). Therefore, you have to complete form number 2875 that can be downloaded here. Print and complete the form, and then fill out the continuation form, which is the DD Form 2929 (Block 27).
  2. Complete both of those forms.
  3. Fax these forms to:

    ATTN: ATRRS User Access

    Comm: 703 645-0432 
    DSN: 224-6300
  4. As the forms are being processed, you just need to wait for them. The process can take up to a few weeks.
  5. Once finished, you can click “New User Information” on the ATRRS website using a government base associated computer that has internet on it.
  6. Print out the ATRRS Password Receipt and then submit it with your signature to ITA Access Management Office. It is important that you make sure to complete everything accordingly to avoid getting your account suspended.

How to Obtain AKO (Army Knowledge Online) Account?

Assuming that you can’t leave your house, you can still have access to ATRRS at home or mobile (you still need registered devices). This option is available only if you have your ID, passport, and AKO account. If you don’t have one, you can create it at and follow these steps:

  1. Go to the link above and click “Create Account”.
  2. Enter your personal Social Security Number or Foreign Identification Number.
  3. Fill in and enter the required information.
  4. Create your password.

ATRRS Login with Available Accounts

Now that you have received your ID and password, you can try ATRRS army login and select your course. You can either log in with an ATRRS account or an AKO account. Here are the steps:

Using ATRRS:

  • 1. Go to
  • 2. Input your ID, Passport, and Access Code.
  • 3. When logging in, select a Fiscal Year and School Code to view the Course Catalog.
Step 1 - ATRRS Army Login
Step 1 – ATRRS Army Login
Step 2 - ATRRS Army Login
Step 2 – ATRRS Army Login

Please enter your User ID, Password, and Access Code here so that we can log you in. You will be unable to access the system if you input your information more than three times without getting it right. In the event that this occurs, go to Logon Assistance, choose #7 Password Violations/Logon ID Suspension from the drop-down menu, and then follow the on-screen steps to unblock your account.

Step 3 - ATRRS Army Login
Step 3 – ATRRS Army Login

You are able to switch between Review and Bde access with your ATRRS Access Code using this Portal. ATRRS Headlines, In addition, any new information on ATRRS will be posted here. You may get access to the functions you’re interested in by using the navigation box.

Step 4 - ATRRS Army Login
Step 4 – ATRRS Army Login

Enter the fiscal year (FY), make sure that the MPFLAG is set to “P,” then enter the school code, the course number, or the course title, and then click the “Go To Function” button to locate the course listings for a variety of schools.

Step 5 - ATRRS Army Login
Step 5 – ATRRS Army Login

A listing of School House Courses may be seen on the LS Portal. To see a list of available classes, choose the button located beneath the target, then go to room C3.

Step 6 - ATRRS Army Login
Step 6 – ATRRS Army Login

You are able to see the schedule for the class. To see the allocations for a certain class, choose the class you’re interested in, click the button located beneath the bull’s eye, and then go to RC.

Using AKO:

  • 1. Go to
  • 2. Enter the AKO login and password that you made previously.
  • 3. After logging in, you will have access to ATRRS, ACCP and AIPD.

That is how you do ATRRS army login. Do every step with detail and caution to avoid any mistakes in submitting your personal data. If you are given a warning “No Client Certificate Presented” when trying to log in, it simply means that the device you’re using is not registered.


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