Army ATRRS Training Catalog


During your preparation as an upcoming student of the Army, you might look for information before you access the ATRRS (Army Training Requirements and Resource System). Below is brief information about the portal system that might help you.

Army ATRRS Training Catalog

What is the ATRRS?

The ATRRS (Army Training Requirements and Resources System) is an online portal where you can access information for your registration to the United States Army. The system allows both the military and the civilian personnel of the Army to take courses they need.

The ATRRS site also functioned as a record system where you can access the information of the Army personnel. There are a few similar sites that the U.S. military employs, but it is most easily accessed directly at

In the upper right corner of the Army ATRRS Home Page, you can find the Course Catalog window where you can access the courses’ official designations. The site also provides some quick links to access information about Individual Training Record and Training Tracker.

What to Do on the ATRRS Site?

The ATRRS website is used to join Army Catalog Courses. If this is your first time enrolling in a course, here you can find some information before you log in as the site also provides prerequisites you need to prepare for each course along with some additional details.

Make sure to check in what courses you need to attend and to avoid enrolling in the wrong courses as the requirements for each branch of the military is different. They generally come down to the years of active service you have in the military.

Why Am I Unable to Access the Site?

The system is all online and can only be accessed on a base computer. If you’re facing problems in accessing the ATRRS site, the best possibility is that you’re not using an authorized device. You might also have problems when accessing the site using a different computer from the one provided at a base. If this is your problem, be informed that you’re unable to access the site on your own computer.

Another possible issue is when you’re faced with a ‘No Client Certificate Presented’ notification. Make sure to find tech help to fix the errors as you should be able to have access as long as you’re on a military-provided device.

Those are several things you might need to know about the ATRRS (Army Training Requirements and Resource System). Also, make sure to consent about the information you give on the site as it monitors all activities you have there. If you’re having other navigation problems, try accessing the help center at the top bar of the page which also provides some information about the portal you might want to know.


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  1. I am trying to take the Information Security Program Training. I cannot get into the system. Please send me a link so I can take this training.

    • You could try logging in with your CAC and CAC reader if you have them. In order to keep the website secure, the system is not allowing access to the site. As a result, the method of logging in using the IP address that was registered on the site, using CAC, or using the office computer has been established.

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