ACT Army Career Tracker Login


If you’re looking for one personalized, easy-to-use website integrating training and education that a United States Army can have, ACT (Army Career Tracker) is the best answer. Through the system, you can get the features offered by the portal to customize your ultimate career goals. See some information about the portal and why you should use it below.

ACT Army Career Tracker Login

What is ACT?

ACT (Army Career Tracker) is the first comprehensive leadership development and career management tool developed by the U.S. Army. The portal integrates training, assignment history, and formal and informal education into one personalized, easy-to-use website. The main portal can be accessed at

Here you can not only monitor your career development and history as well as search multiple Army education and training resources but also enroll in Army courses and receive personalized leadership advice.

If it is your first time to access ACT Army, you’ll need an Army Knowledge Online (AKO) account, too. AKO, considered one of the largest intranets in the world, belongs to the U.S. Army. You can access it through the AKO Homepage. To be enlisted in the Army, it is mandatory to register for an AKO account. The access agrees with Department of Defense (DoD) security policy and you are required to give a password or combination of a CAC (Common Access Card) smart card and PIN. Once you obtain an AKO account, you’ll be able to access ACT within this AKO site, too.

Why use ACT?

ACT Army offers features to help you manage your career to accomplishments and success. You can personalize your own effective self-development and leadership development to catch potential career goals within the Army training and leader development systems.

By accessing ACT, you’ll be able to see, understand, and act upon your journey to success. It will offer you the ability to see potential career development chances as well as past accomplishments in a single portal. It will also help you understand the context through career maps, recommendations, leader advice, and career progression options. Last, you can act as your response to courses by setting goals, registering for classes, and receiving targeted recommendations from Leaders/Mentors.

Those are some brief points about ACT (Army Career Tracker) and how the portal helps you personalize your plan to reach career goals. It is worth accessing as its functions are totally integrated into many things you can do for accomplishments during your Army training and leader development systems. The above information would hopefully help you plan and do what’s next.

ACT Army Career Tracker Login

  • Make sure you have your CAC card & CAC reader before log in to ACT Army.
  • Access the Army ACT (Army Careers Tracker) here:, and click on the “Login Now” button.
  • You can also access from here to bypass the “potential security risk”.


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