ATRRS Course Catalog Provides The List Of Training Programs Attainable In The ATRRS System. Learn About The Online System, Its Purpose, Functions, And The Access Method Below!

Each and every soldier that has joined Army must go through series of courses, classes, and training in order to be able to perform their duty properly. Such a big country like the United States with massive numbers of members in their Army forces need a system that’s capable to handle the enormity and complexity of the scheduling and logistics for these types of things. The Army then developed ATRRS to accommodate this requirement. What are the ATTRS and ATRRS course catalog? Find out and learn more about them below.

What is ATRRS Army?

ATRRS is an acronym that stands for Army Training Requirements and Resources System. It’s one of the online systems developed by the Army, and it’s used to record training. On this site, the members of military service are able to register and log into their accounts to complete courses. It is possible for Army’s civilian members to enroll in the system as well.

ATRRS Course Catalog

What Is The Main Purpose of ATRRS?

The primary purpose of this online system is to coordinate the Army’s soldiers’ training. This site holds a database to arrange the training classes for all types of duty and jobs that included inside the Army system. ATRRS determines which training programs would be suitable in order to fulfill the goals of the Army and the number of soldiers required to be recruited to comply with different positions of job within the Army. Additionally, it organizes the schedules of training classes, makes sure that the soldiers’ number and type in every class are correct, and provides class registration and attendance for the soldiers.

Moreover, ATRRS assists the annual Army’s budget distribution for various training classes depends on their requirements. Then after the period of training has come to an end, the site helps to evaluate how successful the program is and what improvement to make in the future.

What Are The Functions of ATRRS?

This assistance system works in automation to help Army establishes requirements for training, assigns the program, organizes the schedules for classes, distributes the quotas, creates a reservation for the seat, and records the attendance of the soldiers. ATRRS supports all the phases during the training procedure from planning to the execution of the program.

However, there are three main objectives of this online system, which are:

  • Integration of resources data and requirements of training
  • Administration of training inputs.
  • Assessment upon execution of programs.

How Do I Access ATRRS?

There are several Army branches that utilize and own access to the ATRRS course catalog. There is also more than one way to log into the system. However, the most commonly used method to sign in to the site is by using Army Knowledge Account (AKO) that already exists for each soldier.

Here’s how to access the online system:

  1. If you are yet to own an account in AKO, you should get into the website of AKO first and complete the signing up procedure. That being said, each of the army members should have their AKO account set up already, so it’s more about activating your account instead of making one.
  2. If you are encountering difficulty or trouble when trying to access the page, know that it is a common problem. A lot of browsers unfortunately detect the site as unsafe. Simply choose to continue accessing the site. Once you can open it already, set your account of AKO up, and then sign into the ATRRS afterward.
  3. By this point, you are able to enroll in the courses, make reservations for the classes, or check the quotas for each class.

Every soldier that uses ATRRS to complete class registration, attend online classes, or view their transcripts, doesn’t necessarily require an ATRRS account, but they need a Common Access Card (CAC). The official ATRRS account that is distributed by the Help Desk of the ATRRS system is required when the soldier wants to manage the records of their training programs, organize training for all units, or view the data.

Note that accessing the ATRRS account doesn’t directly provide you with access to the entire system automatically. There is a certain protocol that must be followed properly and authorization from the officials with a higher ranking.

Nonetheless, the system still allows direct access to various channels related to ATRRS. The online system’s users will be able to access the online training application that is used by the Army members to submit their application for training programs. Besides, you will also be given access to the training application for civilian human resources that are used to sign for the courses related to civilian human resources, along with the record and track when you complete the program. The site also provides immediate access to the registration system of Defense Acquisition University under the US’ Air and Navy Forces.

How to Choose Courses in ATRRS?

In order to enroll in any ATRRS course catalog, you have to sign up to the system’s site. The signing up procedure is actually quite easy and simple, but it could take roughly a week just to be completed.

If you do not have an AKO account, you can visit first. Choose the menu of ‘New User’ and then set up an account according to the site’s directions. Now, here’s how you can select ATTRS courses.

  1. Make sure first that you own an account of AKO to access ALMS’ DAC internet training.
  2. Log in to the online training system.
  3. Select the ‘Online Training’ menu and then determine the courses you want to take.
  4. Input your soldier information as verifying steps and then select the menu of ‘Submit Application’.

Every single military branch has different requirements, so you need to check what requirements do apply for the courses you want to attend. You also need to choose the courses correctly, which is usually determined by the numbers of your active military service years.

At last, even if you won’t enroll in the classes, you’d still be able to see prerequisites for each class, the quotas, records of training, and the statistics for each course.

How Does ATRRS System Work?

For the courses that are officially listed in the ATRRS course catalog, a soldier is entitled to gain 40 training hours or four promotion points each week. These promotion points can be gained even if you enroll in a mandatory program as your MOS requirement. Make sure the selected courses are included in the ATRRS transcript’s list.

Also, keep in mind that there are some resident military training programs. These courses require you to register and sit for the classes physically in order to complete them and include them in your ATRRS transcript.

What Is ALMS?

ALMS stands for Army Learning Management System. The online system is built for education and training programs for both Army members and civilians. Currently, the system provides service for about 1.2 users, thus establishes it as one of the most massive systems for learning management globally. ALMS aims to raise the flexibility and training of training programs. You are able to accomplish various training objectives via the internet, reduce your school time, save some money, and raise the life stability of yours and your family.

ALMS recently has gone through upgrades to let users customize their homepages. This offers improved capability in a significant way through an intuitive interface for users. The interface shows what courses are taken by the learners, what are their assignments, and the deadlines for their training programs.

How to Cancel Reservations at ATRRS?

To cancel seat reservations for any training programs in the ATRRS course catalog, visit its official websites at Choose the menu ‘Cancel Reservation’. Sign in to your account and then select the application that you want to cancel. All the applications that can be canceled have a mark with a red-colored ‘C’ alphabet on their left side.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) & Answers

What does ATRRS Stand For Army?

ATTRS stands for Army Training Requirements and Resources System.

How Do I Register For an ATRRS Course?

You can log into your AKO account first to access the online training courses in ALMS. Choose the menu ‘Online Training’ and then simply determine the course number and types you want to complete.

Can You Log Into ATRRS From Home?

Yes, you can. However, your device at home must be installed with certificates of CAC before you are able to access it.

What is the ATRRS Website?

The official website of the ATRRS army is or

Why Can’t I Access ATRRS?

You may look for the answer to your specific problem on CAC Reference Center at

How Do I Get an ATRRS Transcript?

You may request your transcript by sending an email to [email protected]

How Many Promotion Points is a 40-Hour Course?

You may check the full list of promotion points in the Army Regulation 600–8–19 Personnel-General: Enlisted Promotions and Reductions.

Do You Need a Government Computer to Access ATRRS?

It is not necessarily required to sign in to your account using a base computer to access Army Training Requirements and Resources System.

If you have tried to access the ATRRS course catalog and the system but failed, even though you have done all the steps correctly, there might be a problem with your internet connection or something wrong domain. Try again by using a government computer or make sure you access the system by using the secured network.


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